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Bitcoin Just Hit $7300. Here's Why It Could Hit $100,000 And Why You Need To Buy Some Now.

1. Goldman Sachs Is Reportedly Hiring 'Blockchain Experts' and rumors are they are planning a crypto exchange.
2. Futures Trading has been approved by both CME, the world's largest options exchange as well as the (CBOE) Chicago Board Options Exchanges.
3. Amazon is rumored to be considering accepting Bitcoin as payment for its products, following competitor Overstock.com which already accepts Bitcoin.
4. Bitcoin adoption has reached 'critical mass' with the general public and many mainstream institutions accepting it as 'legit'.  Mainstream publications such as Fortune and Time are featuring cover stories on it.
5. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is experiencing tremendous job growth and features higher pay and better benefits than comparable positions.
6. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins.  The Bitcoin protocol doesn't allow for any more.  Overwhelming demand meeting this very limited supply is causing and will continue to cause the price of Bitcoin to explode.  Some are forecasting it could hit $100,000 and even $1,000,000 within a few years. 
7. Coinbase added 100,000 new accounts in the past 30 days due to the exploding value of Bitcoin and the upcoming forks which in essence give you free money by owning Bitcoin.  This is something you don't want to miss out on.

The time to buy Bitcoin is NOW.  You don't have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Even a hundred dollars worth could be worth a nice chunk of cash if Bitcoin keeps increasing in value dramatically.   

Coinbase is the world's most popular Bitcoin account and easiest way to buy Bitcoin, especially in the beginning.  Do it now and get $10 in Free Bitcoin when opening an account when using this link:  https://www.coinbase.com/join/592fdc667dd174037610ab73

(Hint, it's much more than just digital money)

Up until a few months ago, like a lot of people I'd heard of 'Bitcoin' and 'cryptocurrency' but frankly while it seemed mildly interesting, I didn't feel any overwhelming urge to figure out how to get some or use it.  It sounded like a less secure, new fangled, roundabout way of paying for things 'electronically' and since so few places accept them for payment vs. the dollar...I didn't see the point. Why bother, right?

Wrong. Boy was I wrong. Because what I didn't understand...and most of you reading this probably don't either...is that many of these new 'cryptocurrencies' that we see in the news are not 'currencies' at all...they are actually a new technology utilizing a structure called the blockchain that are creating the next version of the internet, an internet 3.0 right now...and the vast majority of people have no idea this is going on.  How is that you ask?  Because many of these digital 'coins' are actually more like programming languages that let you build decentralized applications.  What the heck is that you ask?  Let me explain.

Let's say you want to buy a product off of Ebay, or Amazon like a pair of shoes.  Or perhaps you want to rent a room for a weekend through Airbnb, or get a car ride to the airport through Uber.  All of these businesses utilize a middleman that you have to pay a fee to for their service.  Think about it. You buy something from Ebay or Amazon and they take their little cut out of the seller's gross.  You book a room through airbnb or a car from uber and again...they take a little cut out of the seller's piece or charge a fee to the buyer...either way there's a middleman.

But what if you could get rid of the middle man?  What if there was some kind of company that did each of these things...sold goods..rented homes...drove you around....and there was no middle man?   What if transactions were peer to peer...you to the seller direct...without the middle man's fee?  Well that is exactly what the blockchain allows programmers to do.  Create decentralized applications, businesses, markets, etc.  It does this by utilizing the blockchain as a way of keeping everyone honest.  How?  Well, this video does a nice job of explaining it. 

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/6WG7D47tGb0" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/6WG7D47tGb0</a>

But the important thing to realize is that what we are looking at here is basically the dawn of a brand new internet.  Just like in 1992-94 nobody could have predicted that Amazon or Uber or Facebook or Google could become the behemoths we see today.  Twenty years from now people are going to look back and say the same thing about decentralized, blockchain based companies that will be just as big...or bigger.

It's very likely we'll have decentralized search engines without advertising, we'll have decentralized selling with brand new 'amazons' or 'ebays'. We'll have decentralized banking without the bank taking fees and we'll have virtually every kind of business you can imagine from insurance to education to manufacturing to distribution and it will be done through decentralized applications and companies that basically 'live' on the internet and don't require a middle man taking a fee.

Once you understand this concept the next thing to understand is that the cryptocurrencies that we see today...and the new ones being introduced...are all representative of different kinds of decentralized  businesses and these digital 'coins' are being used to fund the development of these businesses. Now there are some like Bitcoin and Litecoin that are still just digital money.   But others like Ethereum, Golem, Stratis, EOS, Factom and others each represent a new type of decentralized company or platform that are part of this new internet 3.0.  And in order to use any of these companies or platforms you'll have to know how to use these new 'digital currencies'.

Some of these new kinds of decentralized companies are already in operation.  For instance http://steemit.com is a hybrid of reddit and facebook where you use Steem coins as a way of rewarding content.  Instead of Zuckerberg and staff at FB choosing what to show you...it's more democratic and the use of Steem coin rewards content makers.

So how do I begin getting into this world?  What's the first baby step I can take? Open a Coinbase account.   

Coinbase is the oldest and most reliable and safe of the online wallets to start buying your first digital 'coins' with.  You can buy a bit of Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin...the three coins they currently support...and begin to learn how to use them.   For example, you can purchase some 'Steem' at Steemit.com by opening an account there and sending some Bitcoin to yourself from Coinbase to Steemit.  Then you'll convert that Bitcoin to Steem to use.

As you become more comfortable with these currencies you might want to open a trading account on a site like Poloniex...which just like a stockmarket trading site allows you to buy, sell or just watch all kinds of digital coins and see their values fluctuate just like a stock.

But frankly the very first step you should take, just so you can get started and start to explore is to open a Coinbase account.

Right now Coinbase has a promotion where they're offering $10 in free Bitcoin to you* if you open an account with just $100, which is exactly what I did to start.  Then you can start playing with it. 

Want to learn even more and become a cryptocurrency expert?  Start reading sites like Cointelegraph.com and Coindesk.com and TheMerkle.com to learn more about all these new currencies and what they do. 

Look, I know it seems intimidating at first.  But trust me, this is not just the future of money, it's the future of the internet being built right in front of our eyes.  This is an amazing opportunity.  Don't miss out like you did the last time.  Just think how many times you've told yourself 'if i had just invested in Facebook or Netflix or Amazon back in 199x...well this is your next chance...because the next version of the internet...the decentralized internet is happening right now, today.  Open your Coinbase account and take your first step into that world today.  You'll thank me later.

*I get a referral bonus but you get your $10 in free Bitcoin and it's the place I recommend to start on your journey to learn about this brand new internet 3.0


Due to overwhelming requests over the past year we're happy to announce our newest mobile device community, http://iPhoneCommunity.net; a forum and news site dedicated to the iPhone.  While our initial communities were dedicated to Android users, more and more of our members have informed us they have multiple platforms and OS's in their homes and many told us they would love to have an iPhone community here as well.   While we've dabbled with some Apple device forums for specific devices and the iPad before, we've never had a general iPhone forum that will cover all iPhones until now. So if you do have iPhones in your home, are knowledgeable about the iOS platform or are just curious and would like to learn more, please register over at http://iPhoneCommunity.net and help us build the newest and greatest iPhone resource on the web!  Don't worry, we'll still be posting to and maintaining all of our Android sites as well.  This is just our latest edition so come on by if you're an Apple aficionado!


As we approach the holidays, many major retailers are holding their annual 'Cyber Week' deals and specials for online shoppers especially for anything related to technology but also for non-tech categories as well such as household items, clothes and more.  For those too busy to take advantage of the Black Friday sales of last week this is your 'next best' chance to order discounted gifts for the holiday season and take advantage of the sales to stock up or buy that item you've been waiting for.  We've included links below to some of the most well-known large 'Cyber Week' participants so use these links to check out the great deals and enjoy saving some cash!. 

Site News / New Forum: TheAppleWatchForum.com
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:11:23 AM »

With the introduction of the Apple Watch during Apple's special event on September 9th, 2014 in Cupertino, the company has entered the competitive smart watch market.  We'd like to welcome you to a new forum we just started where we hope to build the most dynamic Apple Watch community anywhere.  Priced starting at $349 and available in three versions, the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, each also allows for an almost limitless variety of bands from leather to rubber to stainless steel and other materials and designs.  The Apple Watch is expected to arrive in early 2015, and promises to be a breakthrough device and one that all Apple aficionados will want.  Please join us at www.theapplewatchforum.com. And remember, for our Android aficionados interested in Android smart watches we also have an Android Wear forum at www.androidwearforum.com.  Hopefully we'll see you at both!


Looking for a great clear case for your iPhone 5C so you can show off it's cool colors but also keep it protected?  Well CaseCrown is having an awesome sale on its transparent snap-on case cover right now and is selling them for get this...$5!  Yup...and that's with free shipping to boot!   The case is available in three versions...Clear UV, Clear Mist and Clear Dots.   The three versions are just what you'd think.  If you want a totally clear case with UV protection to keep your phone from fading then get the Clear UV case.  If you want a slightly misted effect then the Clear Mist is for you.  If instead you like a little dotted pattern on the clear case then get the Clear Dots.  Either way it'll provide great protection and let your iPhone 5C's beauty shine through...and for only 5 bucks it's a no-brainer.  I just picked up two...the Clear UV and Clear Mist.  Hit the link below to grab one or two while they're at this price.


Looking for a great deal on either the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S?  Then you might want to head on over to BestBuy this weekend where you can pick up the 5C for free on contract or the 5S for only $125.  Both require a 2 yr contract with either AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.  These are the prices for the base models but the higher models with more storage are on sale as well.  These are some of the lowest prices you're likely to see until the release of the next iPhone at the end of the year so worth jumping on them if you're in the market for a new iPhone.  This deal goes through January 4th...so hurry.


We want to wish everyone a Happy And Healthy New Year! 
Thanks for making this the #1 iPhone 5C Forum and we look forward to seeing you all back here in 2014! 


A study just released by Consumer Research Partners of Chicago (CRP) reveals just what colors during the first month of sales are the most and least popular among Apple's new batch of iPhones.  There's some interesting findings here and the big take away is that surprisingly the least popular colors are the yellow for the iPhone 5c and the gold for the iPhone 5S.  The most popular colors were blue for the iPhone 5C and space grey for the iPhone 5S.  The full breakdown is in the chart above.

Now these findings are actually a bit surprising.  When the new crop of iPhones were first released there was much reporting in the tech press how it was the yellow model that was in short supply of the iPhone 5C.   Likewise, reporting of demand for the gold colored iPhone 5S overseas, especially in asia had it being the most sought after color.  What we can take away from this is that perhaps Apple's internal research showed the yellow 5c would be the least in demand and perhaps they made less of them to start off with.  The preference for the space grey 5S isn't all that surprising either given the penchant for black and silver cars here in the US over louder colors.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is also the 27% of iPhone 5C owners that chose the blue model followed by the 25% that chose the white.

CIRP also broke down the popularity of the various iPhone colors according to gender. “IPhone 5S and 5C colors seem to confirm some traditional gender biases,” noted CIRP Partner and Co-Founder Mike Levin. “In the iPhone 5C, men prefer the neutral white, and the Space Gray in the iPhone 5S. In contrast, women prefer lighter silver 5S and the brighter iPhone 5C colors. Interestingly, no one, including the women in the survey, appears to want the yellow iPhone 5C very much.”

According to CRP there were clear preferences among the sexes as well with significantly more women buying the pink 5C vs. the blue for men.  Another interesting observation...typically, a neutral color such as white is very popular among products so the popularity of the blue (27%) and the green (21%) and pink with 20% of sales shows the public really is craving some color choices when it comes to their tech devices.   One thing is clear though.  With only 7% of iPhone 5C buyers choosing the yellow phone, it's safe to say other phone manufacturers won't be clamoring to make yellow versions themselves anytime soon.

You can see the full study at this link.


The deals just keep getting better and better for the new iPhone 5C.  BestBuy has just announced they are firing back in the 'iPhone Price Wars' that we've been seeing lately.  Between BestBuy's original $50 gift card offer to Walmart's $45 offer almost from the get go we've seen reduced price 5C offers.  This latest is the best of all...if you have a working cell phone that you want to trade in.  The latest promotion gets you a $0 down iPhone 5C via a $100 trade-in credit as long as you sign a two year contract and do the purchase between October 13th and 19th.  Now there are some stipulations about the deal.  First, your phone needs to be upgrade eligible and it needs to be in good working order with no cracked screen or power on issues.  There will also probably be a carrier activation fee of $35 or so.  Also, depending on the state you're in you might have to pay taxes on the phone.   But overall it's still $100 less than you'd pay otherwise and this trade-in deal is even good for $100 credit off the iPhone 5S too.   Check the BestBuy.com site on 10/13 for more details.


If you wanted to buy a new iPhone 5C or 5S and don't live in one of the handful of countries that Apple's new models were available in well you're in luck.  Apple has just announced that they'll be available in 25 more countries as of October 25th and an additional 10+ by November 1st.  The countries getting them include Italy, Russia, Spain, India, Mexico and a host of others.  From the press release here's a complete list of all the countries the iPhone 5C and 5S are available as of today...and will be by November 1st. 

iPhone 5s and 5c will be available on Friday, October 25 in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, French West Indies, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Island, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand. iPhone 5s and 5c will also be available on Friday, November 1 in Albania, Armenia, Bahrain, Colombia, El Salvador, Guam, Guatemala, India, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE. Both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are currently available in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK.

That's an impressive list and we're eager to see which model and colors turn out to be the most popular in different nations and regions.

Apple Full Press Release


Just two weeks after its introduction, BestBuy is now offering the iPhone 5C for just $50 with a 2yr contract.  that's basically half off the usual $99 upfront fee and it makes Apple's new colorful mainstay phone an even better deal.  Now there is a catch...you have to pay the full $99 up front and then receive a $50 gift card and the deal only runs through Sunday...for now.  Even so, it's pretty nice to see a nice perk if you were thinking of getting the new iPhone anyway and you can use that $50 to pick up a couple of cases or accessories.  It's worth noting that BestBuy price matches most items from Amazon.com these days so you can figure that in when you're accessory shopping for your new colorful phone.

iPhone 5C General Discussion Board / Let's See Your iPhone 5C!
« on: October 03, 2013, 03:39:32 PM »
Now that millions of iPhone 5Cs have been sold, let's see what yours looks like!  What color and case combos look best?  Who's bought some 3rd party bumbers, cases or other customized coverings or do you prefer to use your iPhone 5C 'naked'?


IHS recently tore down the iPhone 5C and did an inventory of components as well as estimated manufacturing costs for Apple's new mid-range phone.  The Bill Of Materials (BOM) for the 16GB version came out to $166 with a manufacturing expense of $7 bringing the total cost to $173.  The 32GB model has a combined cost of $183.  What these breakdowns show, in addition to the specific manufacturers of all the components, is the profit that Apple is garnering from the sale of these devices.  With a 'retail' sales price of $549, Apple is able to obtain industry leading levels of profit according to IHS.  In order for the iPhone 5C to attain similar levels of profit margin while coming to the public for resale at below $400, which would qualify it as a mid-range device, BOM would have had to come in at about $130.   What this shows is that Apple is determined not to reduce the quality of the iPhone, even for the slightly lower cost 5C series. 

“Many expected Apple to take an affordable strategy with the iPhone 5c, producing a lower-cost smartphone that would be priced at around $400 in order to address developing markets, such as China,” said Wayne Lam, senior analyst for wireless communications at IHS. “However, the reality of the iPhone 5c is completely different, with Apple offering a phone with a $173 BOM and manufacturing cost, and a $549 price tag—without subsidies. Once again, Apple has stuck to its old tried-and-true formula of optimizing its iPhone hardware gross margins to attain maximum profitability.”

Below is the preliminary BOM teardown analysis done by the IHS experts.  Keep in mind that these costs do not include other Apple incurred costs such as software, licensing, royalties or other expenditures such as marketing.

Just as Apple’s pricing strategy for the 5c is familiar, so are the phone’s electronic content and design.

“The iPhone 5c is basically an iPhone 5 in a plastic disguise,” said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director, cost benchmarking services for IHS. “Just as in the original iPhone 5, the 5c uses an Apple A6 processor, a 4-inch retina display, and low-power Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) DRAM—among other commonalities. Because of this, the iPhone 5c benefits from the normal cost reductions that typically occur for electronic devices during the period of a year. The combination of the design and component reuse—and the plastic enclosure—has allowed Apple to offer a less expensive version of the iPhone, although it’s still not cheap enough to be a true low-cost smartphone.”

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/_dwBBJxEGkU" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/_dwBBJxEGkU</a>

Lisa from Mobile Tech Review is one of our favorite tech reviewers and has developed a following since 2001 of doing some of the best in-depth reviews around.  Her review of the iPhone 5C, a bit shorter than most because of the similarities between it and the iPhone 5 still delivers and we get a good feel for what it's like to use the 5C as well as what kind of customer its most suited for.  Of course like everyone Lisa is smitten by the bright candy colored shell housing and impressed at how 'high end' the plastic iPhone feels. 

In fact she goes so far as to almost prefer the new look of the 5C since the last four generations of iPhone have had the similar metal housing.  While acknowledging that the hardware is predominantly the same internally as last year's iPhone 5, including the A6 processor and retina display, she says that's not a bad thing.  You'd be hard pressed to find any app or game that requires the newer processor in the iPhone 5S and frankly both share the exact same screen so from the outside the typical user will never know the difference.

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