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Author Topic: iFixit Tears Down The iPhone 5C: Finds More Changes Than Just Pretty Colors  (Read 2782 times)


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<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/4E55-y7s7Ek" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/4E55-y7s7Ek</a>

It's somewhat of a tradition these days for every new major tech device to get torn down iFixit.  By taking mobile devices apart, piece by piece, screw by screw and chip by chip we get a plethora of knowledge not only of how a device is put together, but also of all the specific tech components that make our gadgets run...as well as how easy it might be to fix if some part such as a screen or battery needs replacing.   iFixit just completed their iPhone 5C teardown and has put together a nice concise video of the process above.

Now interestingly, while we have been told that the internals of the iPhone 5C were virtually identical to the iPhone 5, except for a better front facing camera, what iFixit found was that while the main chips and circuit board are indeed similar, there are some differences in the build such as larger power and volume buttons as well as a larger battery that increases the power from 5.35Wh, 1440mAh to 5.74Wh, 1510mAh.  We also see for the first time a Qualcomm WTR1605L LTE/HSPA /CDMA2K/TDSCDMA/EDGE/GPS integrated communications chip that is the very first phone sold in the US that supports all four major wireless carrier protocols on one device.  Pretty impressive.   Overall the iFixit repairability score of 6 out or 10 reflects the fact that a lot of adhesive is used to keep the battery and antenna connectors in place and the use of Pentalobe screws also makes the casing a bit difficult to open.  If you're an iPhone 5C owner...or are soon to be we definitely recommend watching the video above.  You can read the entire iFixit tear down at the link below.

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